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How to confirm chain glass edge grinding machine

  • source:enkong
  • Time:09/21/2018

The glass cutting mechanical structure and spare parts of chain type glass edge grinder are equipped with transmission box body: steel (annealed, not easy to deform) base, front and rear girders are all castings (annealed, not easy to deform), front and rear pressure plates are driven by special chain.

glass edge grinding machine

The front press plate can be adjusted up or down according to the size of the processing glass. A straight line edging is used to support the grinding head. The front beam advance and retreat trailing plate, the grinding head rack advance and retreat trailing plate screw rod drive adopts the Seamless wire mother. The beveled grinding wheel can move forward and retreat as a whole. Glass is more efficient when replacing thickness.
The main transmission adopts mechanical stepless transmission and worm gear box with double worm gear reducer. The rear pressure plate design has special cleaning mechanism, the scaffolding is made by square tube, and the conveyor belt is conveyed by synchronous belt.
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