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How to choose a reliable glass double edger

  • source:enkong
  • Time:11/02/2018

ENKONG Machinery is specialized in developing, researching and manufacturing of glass machines. We have enough experience to manufacture the best glass machine, as well as the how to how to recognize a good glass edging machine. Some tips for choosing a reliable double edger as following:


Motor slide (carriage)

The motor cannot have a skateboard around, back and forth phenomenon. When it is necessary to move easily, cannot be swing, otherwise it will cause the motor to swing the glass edge and grinding the boron cannot be processed. Meanwhile, skateboards have enough thickness and width, so we go rigid.


To be a professional motor manufacturer, we have a certain reputation and inspected through a glass factory machinery, motors comply with the technical requirements.


When you purchase equipment, be sure to understand the source of the grinding wheel, the brand and configuration, well-known brands, gold drum Guilin, the Beijing Billiton, the South China Sea Xin Tong resin wheel, polishing wheel and so on.

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