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ENKONG glass grinding supplies glass edge grinding machine (glass edge polishing machine),all the glass grinding machines are easy to operate and has good performance and has a wide application in industry and allow you make sure the strength and toughness of glass before put into use. 


First of all, let’s get to know some basic information about glass grinding machine. Glass straight edge grinder is used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and edge of flat glass. The front plate adopts special telescopic pressure plate, and all the grinding head towing plate adopts integral dovetail skateboard, and the machining speed can be adjusted at will. It has the advantages of good rigidity, small vibration, easy debugging, high precision and so on. Generally, there is 4 grinding head, 8 grinding head, 9 grinding head and 10 grinding head straight edge machine. The multi-stage edge-grinding machine is suitable for grinding the straight edge and the 45-degree edge angle of the flat glass with different sizes and thicknesses, and is formed by one step of rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, chamfering and the like, and can be adjusted at an arbitrary angle between 0 and 45 degrees. The feeding speed and the feeding amount can be arbitrarily adjusted during the grinding process, and the parameters of the front chamfer can be set more accurately in the automatic grinding process. In general, there are 9 grinding head and 10 grinding head edge-grinding machine. Oblique edge machine is mainly used to process straight line oblique edge and round bottom edge of flat glass. It adopts stepless reducer adjustment and synchronous belt transportation. The rear chain plate can reduce the friction force with the pressure plate by forging thickened steel plate and heat treatment by special process, which can effectively enhance the service life of the chain plate and the insert strip. Even in the absence of lubrication, it can meet the requirements of use for a long time. Glass round edge grinder is suitable for grinding straight line round edge and duck mouth edge of flat glass with different sizes and thickness. The moving front guide rail adjusts the glass thickness, adopts the stepless reducer to adjust the speed arbitrarily, the speed change is stable, and the accuracy is very high. Generally, there is 6 grinding head and 8 grinding head round edge grinder.


After getting to know the classification of glass grinding machine, now it’s time to pay attention to the matter in using them. Today let’s take the straight line glass grinding machine for example. The working mode of straight line glass grinding machine (straight edge machine, round edge machine, oblique edge machine) is grinding by clamping glass and driving its straight line motion by front and rear pressing plate, so we must pay attention to two points in use: 1. The joint surface of the front and rear pressure plate and the guide rail should be refueled and lubricated often, otherwise the normal service life of the machine will be affected by the premature wear of the front and rear pressure plate and the guide rail working face. Some models have automatic lubrication devices, but they should also be constantly checked to see if the lubrication lines are smooth. 2. When clamping glass, the clamping force should be appropriate, too loose to affect the grinding quality, too tight will increase the machine load, easy to produce jitter crawling phenomenon, but also easy to clip glass when thin glass. The clamping force can be tested with a slightly larger piece of glass sandwiched on the machine, that is, the glass can be clamped in the middle of the machine, the glass can be moved by both hands under the condition of shutdown, and the clamping force can be adjusted to just when the hands are not moving.


Glass edge polishing machine is an important type of plane grinding and polishing machine at present. Glass grinding and polishing is a very important work in screen making, and it is also the last process of glass screen manufacturing, so close attention should be paid to it. This process is to grind and polish the semi-finished products produced by the previous process. The outer surface and sealing surface are the machining parts of the screen, so it is necessary to achieve a certain degree of finish and surface roughness in order to meet the requirements of the screen appearance and screen cone sealing surface of the picture tube in the manufacturing process. It is easy to produce some shallow scratches on the surface of the glass screen, which we call a surface scratch. Surface scratch is a defect in the grinding and polishing process of glass screen, which affects the high output of glass screen. Because of its complex reasons, it is a difficult to control and solve the defect. Form the prospective of glass edge polishing machine, how do we solve the problem of surface bruises?


First of all, there are six factors which have a huge influence in it, which are the influence of the incoming quality of the previous process, the control of the slurry abrasive, the control of the production process, the prevention of the pollution of the abrasive, the full use of the original liquid pool in the cerium oxide slurry system, and the close inspection before the use of the cerium oxide abrasive tool. Now, let’s extend them to you as follow. When using glass edge polishing machine for grinding and polishing, semi-finished products with certain defects should be prevented from entering the grinding process. The particle size of cerium oxide polishing powder should be controlled precisely, especially the proportion of maximum particle size in the material should be controlled very strictly. Operators should strictly require themselves in the production process and carefully grasp every work detail. In the production process, it is often found that the ground glass shell does not wash the abrasive used in the machine tool, so it is brought to the next machine tool. With the prolongation of working time, the amount of material accumulated by the machine tool becomes more and more, which changes the particle size content and composition in the slurry pool. It should be fully used in the source liquid pool of cerium oxide slurry system. Moreover, cerium oxide polishing disc should be checked before polishing with glass edge polishing machine. At the same time, the following points should be done well: the quality control of semi-finished products, the content of slurry particle size, the training and implementation of process technology, the prevention of slurry pollution in the production process, the strengthening of pre-use inspection of grinding tools, the good use of cerium oxide source liquid pool and the daily basic work, etc. These are very effective practical applications for controlling and solving glass screen surface scratches to make the most use of the glass edge polishing machine.