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Which glass edge grinding machines are available for you to select?

  • source:enkong
  • Time:09/12/2018

There are various selections of glass edge polishing abrasives for different glass edging machines. Enkong, one of the glass machine manufacturers, here will introduce these glass edge grinding machines for you.

glass straight line pencil edging machine

Linear circular edge machine.

BK series polishing abrasives and BD series polishing abrasives are usually used.

Glass carving machine

The polishing tools for glass Carver are usually used. The specifications can be divided into two parts according to the type of machine.

Straight line glass beveling machine

Generally, 10S series polishing abrasives and wool felt polishing abrasives. The specifications of the 10S series polishing abrasives usually used for the bottom edge wheels are shown in Table 1. Wool felt polishing abrasives must be combined with cerium oxide polishing powder.

Other edging glass processing machines

In addition to the above glass edge grinder, there are some simple structure, single purpose edge grinder, such as chamfering machine, small disc machine, portable edge grinder. In addition, there are some special edging machines, such as straight line double side grinding machine and washbasin edge grinding machine, profile grinding machine, etc. The types of polishing abrasives they use are generally similar to those described above, but the specifications are different. In the selection, according to the shape, characteristics, brightness of the glass edge to be processed and the type of edge grinder, the corresponding polishing tools and size specifications should be selected.

Single arm special-shaped edging machine

BD series polishing abrasives and BK series polishing abrasives are generally used for polishing the straight, round, duck-billed and wavy edges of the glass. Their common specification table. The thickness of the polishing tool is usually chosen according to the thickness of the glass to be polished. The 10S series polishing abrasives and wool felt polishing abrasives are usually used to polish the special beveled edges of the glass. Wool felt polishing abrasives should also be used with the diaphragm of cerium oxide polishing powder. The selection method is the same as that of the straight beveling machine.

Straight line edging machine

As for 10S series or 9R series polishing abrasives, 10S series polishing abrasives have better elasticity, polishing performance than 9R series. Therefore, the vast majority of domestic glass deep processing manufacturers are using 10S series. Both them have two types, one is used for polishing the bottom edge of the glass polishing wheel, the other is used for polishing the chamfered glass polishing wheel. Because the hardness of 9R series polishing abrasives is harder than 10S series polishing abrasives, it has the characteristics of strong grinding force, high grinding efficiency and long service life. Cerium oxide polishing abrasives are often used to process furniture glass and process glass with high brightness.

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