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Glass Polishing Machine

  • source:enkong
  • Time:08/28/2019

Glass polishing machine suppliers, simply speaking, is specialized in glass polishing machine.


Glass polishing is a very precise polishing technology, which requires our operators to work carefully and carefully. Horace will introduce to you the knowledge of polishing glass with pneumatic polishing machine.


Immediately after the glass fine grinding, polishing in machining, can be made into a transparent glass surface, polishing processing, the surface of the glass need to add a polishing powder, polishing and grinding machining is also using grinding machine, so the grinding processing all the fixed effects and rules of use and polishing processing.


After the grinding and processing, need to use warm water to wash the processing work-piece, in order to effectively remove the adhesion of the flint powder, and then the processing work-piece with the pneumatic polishing machine to prepare for polishing, polishing disc concave must match the shape of the glass, can immediately uniform friction is the glass mirror bright.


Generally, warm water will be prepared on the side. First, the disc will be dipped into a bucket of warm water to soften the surface layer, and then it will be placed on the processing work-piece, so that it matches with the glass, and then start the grinding machine.


Polishing grinding to the shape of the work-piece surface luminosity processing conditions such as the exact understanding, polishing to 5 minutes need to be processed, stop for inspection, look at the edge location of the photo-metric difference, to determine whether the polishing processing correctly, when in polishing work-piece, can not add too much polishing powder, otherwise it will make polishes have the effect of slip, but not the effect of polishing, polishing agent can use the machine, add device of automatic its amount should be polisher, by defining the inspection, because of the difference of the degree of surface polishing, is can determine whether the polish species used correctly.


Polishing will not affect the final thickness of the work-piece. The maximum normal polishing will reduce the thickness of the work-piece by 0.03mm, which is within the tolerance range.


After more than half of the polishing time, check the work-piece to see if its tolerance has reached the prescribed range, the inspection is very big, if it is not in line with the requirements need to do polishing correction in time, polishing after the correction and the grinding disc correction principle has a very significant relationship.


In the plane processing of the work-piece, check whether the surface of the glass meets the requirements, it is best to check under the light, and then clean the processed work-piece, and finally the glass will be coated with protective glue to protect the lens effect of the glass.


We also talk about the common polishing methods of comparison.


Classical polishing method is a kind of method of the traditional glass polishing machine is adopt friction wheel driving, the spindle rotational speed is low, with a flat pressure swing a tripod, pressure on the load weight regulation. At work, the pressure of the load is always straight down, processing on the plane when foot-wall between the vertical pressure is stable. And different pressure swing in the spherical machining position in the direction of its weight is also different, thus causing the foot-wall of polishing pressure changes at any time, increased the instability of spherical surface shape. Polishing film made of rosin material such as tar or felt, because the polishing film is soft,
After processing, the surface roughness is small, the surface defect is small, can process the parts with higher precision.


In classical polishing process, the shape of the surface of the polishing film is easy to change, need to adjust at any time, this will require workers with higher skills, must after a long period of training to master, and the production efficiency is low. In a small amount and small batch processing, it has a lot of advantages, for low accuracy polishing machine, polishing die generation power us age effectiveness high, equipment, jigs and fixtures into cost little.




At present, high speed polishing is widely adopted for optical parts under medium accuracy and mass production. High speed polishing improves the polishing efficiency with high spindle speed and high pressure.


The equipment used in the high speed polishing machine is designed with the method of quasi-sphericity (there are also some pseudo-quasi-sphericity polishing machines, and some equal-type polishing machines act as high-speed polishing machines by increasing pressure with air pressure). The so-called quasi-sphericity is that the pressure of the load always points to the position of the center of the processed sphere during the polishing process.


The greatest advantages of this design is that pressure from beginning to end is applied in the front of the polishing film and work-piece interface, the size of the positive pressure is constant, this method of processing image of spherical surface is stable. Quasi polishing method of equipment precision demand is higher, its polishing mold must be special, there are few alternative, equipments, jigs and fixtures into larger, is only suitable for mass production.
Due to the hard polishing film material, good wear resistance, polishing film finishing frequency is small, the operator's technical requirements are low, through simple training of new workers can be on duty.


In a variety of literature is often referred to the Fan Chengfa high-speed polishing machine, this kind of polishing machine design just like milling mill, work-piece mounted on the main shaft, polishing film like grinding wheel on the auxiliary shaft high-speed rotation to polish the work-piece, both axes do not do swing.


The design idea of this polishing machine is very good, but it requires very high manufacturing accuracy, due to the cost constraints, it is not yet widely used this polishing machine.


First said auxiliary shaft and spindle alignment accuracy, as long as there is a small error, processed surface is not a sphere, astigmatism will appear.


The center point of the work-piece surface is either high or low, just like the navel of a melon. If the auxiliary shaft is used as the reference point, the reference point will change after the polishing film is worn, so it is not appropriate to use the auxiliary shaft as the reference point.


Besides the main shaft side, there is a difference between the thickness of each artifact, positioning base is not suitable for spindle. Each work-piece edge thickness difference exists, after each loading on the surface of the position and direction of change and is unable to eliminate this error in polishing, after polishing surface may not is half light and half light. After the work-piece clamping from milling or at a time from fine grinding polishing processing, so as to ensure the effective surface processing.


However, it is difficult to control the surface defects of the work-piece when different processes are processed at the same station.


There are also some other precision reasons, which limit the implementation of Fan Chengfa polishing method, and the milling machining accuracy requirements are relatively low, its machining error can be easily corrected in the subsequent processing.