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Enkong at your service: how to operate a glass edge grinding machine

  • source:enkong
  • Time:07/26/2018

Today we would like to share with you how to operate a glass edge grinding machine, including the glass double edge grinding machine and the glass straight line edging machine.

zm11 glass straight line edging machine

The grinding head

The grinding head plays a very important role and has a deep influence on deciding whether the glass turns out to be with good quality. As a matter of fact, before you use a glass edge polishing machine, the grinding head is fixed at its best status, so you don’t have to adjust it generally. The only thing you need to pay attention is not to operate it too broadly in case that it's easy to damage the water-proof case. Besides, cooling system also affect dramatically the effect of grinding, so frequent checking the cooling pipe is necessarily needed, especially for the glass straight line edging machine, because its pipe is easy to get stuck by the inside blush, which is not easy to be noticed, so close and careful attention is essential.

The glass straight line edging machine

One one hand, smoothing the connection area between the pressing board and rail is highly recommended, or the fiction caused by them will shorten the using year. On the other hand, the strength of gripping the glass needs to be proper, not too hard, neither too loose.

The glass double edge grinding machine

On one thing, it’s a much more high-scale glass grinding machine, it’s better to arrange three fixed staff to manage the machine to make sure of the absolutely correct operation. On the other thing, don’t try to repair it if any malfunction, or it will disorder the programming and lead the production to cease. Enkong always provides you with the best after-service, please contact our after-service as soon as possible.

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