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Selection requirements of glass beveling machine

  • source:enkong
  • Time:10/22/2018

Glass beveling machine grinding mechanism is numerous, we must choose some of the main points, the following is mainly introduced about the diagonal positioning device, gear box, support frame, conveying guide rail and guide beam, grinding wheel and motor sliding plate selection requirements of glass beveling equipment.

(1) diagonal positioning device.

The diagonal positioning device must be strong enough for the cylinder, reliable for the famous brand, reasonable in structure and easy to adjust. Otherwise, the service life is short, the adjustment is difficult, and the positioning is not allowed.

(2) gearbox.

The gear box must have enough thickness. Because the synchronous pulley is installed on the gearbox, there is not enough thickness, the synchronous pulley under the long-term working conditions of the synchronous belt tension easily lead to deformation of the gearbox, a deformation of the gearbox, it will lead to bad contact bevel gear; early wear, but also lead to premature damage of bearings, so that the whole glass beveling equipment is not running well, or even No. The law works.

Most of the gearboxes are bevel gears (bevel gears). The forces acting on the gears are axial, radial and normal. Some manufacturers use a deep groove ball bearing to save costs, which is extremely wrong. Because deep groove ball bearings can only bear radial force, such as the use of such bearings, will lead to premature wear and tear bearing, clearance increases, gear transmission is not stable, noise increases so that it can not work. The correct design is to use pair tapered roller bearings so that the design is reasonable.


(3) support frame.

The whole weight of the moving box is transferred from the support frame to the linear slider, which must be stable in operation. Many manufacturers use a single support frame, such a support frame will make the linear slider subjected to unilateral pressure, make it tilt, ball path unilateral wear, opening and closing accuracy are reduced, serious ball drop, hair clip, or even slider rupture. The correct design is the support frame for the bilateral support, such a design force is reasonable, the slider will not tilt, open and close smoothly, service life greatly improved, customers must pay attention to here when buying machines.

(4) Transport guideways and guideway beams.

      1. The conveying guide rail and the guide rail beam are very important parts on the edge grinder. When selecting and purchasing, we must know to the manufacturer what material the conveying guide rail chooses and where to purchase. Poor materials or substitutes will lead to premature wear and tear, directly leading to the ground glass cannot meet the quality requirements, or even cannot be processed; at the same time, it depends on whether the plane of the conveyor guide is straight, whether there is warping, damage, and other undesirable phenomena.

      2. The guide rail should be designed with the supporting points of the box. If not reasonable, the guideway beam will be bent, and the guide rail will also be bent. Bending the rail beam in the opening and closing of the guide beam will be seriously stretched bending, or even the drive shaft can not work, increasing the difficulty of replacement and maintenance.

(5) grinding wheel.

When choosing equipment, we must know the source, brand and configuration of grinding wheel. The stability and high quality of equipment processing can not simply rely on imported high-configuration, high-price grinding wheel as a cover must use the domestic grinding wheel.

(6) motor slide.

Motor skateboards cannot have left and right, swing back and forth. It should be easy to move, and can not swing, otherwise, it will cause motor swing, glass grinding edge and cannot be processed. At the same time, the skateboards should have enough thickness and width so that they can be rigid.

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