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What is the advantage of using glass double edge grinding machine in processing

  • source:enkong
  • Time:10/18/2018

Guangdong ENKONG Machinery Co., Ltd. as a glass cutting machine manufacturer, is devoted to the expert development and manufacture of glass deep processing equipment. The employer develops and introduces worldwide and domestic superior science to produce and manufacture glass grinding machine and related merchandise with dependable technical overall performance to meet customers' excessive first-class and excessive effective requirements.


Advantages of glass double edge grinding machines:

The small glass double aspect edging computer is appropriate for grinding double straight flat edges of the flat glass. Rough grinding and glass edge polishing are executed once. The grinding head seat adopts double linear rolling guide and double ball screw pressure to acquire stable moving speed. It eliminates moving gaps, reduces drag and wear, and ensures repeat positioning. The manipulate gadget units the machining parameters via the interface and completes the machining at one time. The conveyor belt power adopts variable frequency motor velocity manage and steady power. And its constant torque output is steady and reliable. Polishing uses a pneumatic automatic compensation device.


This product has a steady and solid structure, precise and easy transmission system. The high-profile manage device and large-scale processing functionality are suitable for the processing of furnishings glass and architectural glass. Each advantage transmission device adopts three-axis transmission, which is handy to replace the belt. Without the advantage of disassembling the spindle, it can make certain that the hourly non-stop operation does not generate heat and does not burn the computer besides oil leakage. The high-precision information rail of the conveying gadget is made of the notable metal surface grinder, and the error sliding machine double linear information rail and double ball screw rod makes certain the opening and closing precision. The grinding head machine is paired with a bearing high precision motor. The manage machine uses variable frequency speed regulation.


We will proceed to boost and produce glass grinding machine and gear in line with the business tenet of “products, excellence, patron first, wholehearted service".ENKONG Machinery clearly hope to cooperate with you to create success.