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What is the difference between aluminum alloy doors and windows and glass curtain walls

  • source:enkong
  • Time:01/24/2019

Aluminum alloy door and window accessories using aluminum alloy extrusion profile for the frame, mullion, fan production of doors and windows, referred to as aluminum doors and windows.

Aluminum alloy as a force rod (bear and transfer the weight and load of the rod) substrate and wood, plastic composite doors and windows, referred to as aluminum composite doors and windows, aluminum plastic composite doors and windows. Glass curtain wall is also called architectural curtain wall, curtain wall, is often used in modern buildings, by metal, glass, stone and artificial plate and other materials, installed in the outermost layer of the building, the role of such as the wall, beautiful, windproof, rain-proof, energy saving, etc., curtain wall does not bear any structural load.

glass aluminum door window

Only with the structure plate or column connection to bear the weight and resist the wind pressure.

The concept is different. Curtain wall and doors and windows belong to the same building maintenance structure, do not share the force of the main structure, which makes the qualitative doors and windows or curtain wall become a difficult problem.

Many glass machine and glass polishing machine enterprises in order to ensure the appearance, but also to consider cost savings, often the use of door and window material design into a curtain wall effect, to a certain extent, not only to the construction acceptance caused trouble, but also to the safety of the hidden danger.

In order to avoid the continuation of this kind of situation, the concept of glass curtain wall is clearly defined in the technical specification of glass curtain Wall engineering: The structure of external maintenance structure or decorative line which is composed of supporting structure system and panel, which can have certain displacement ability relative to the main structure, and does not share the function of the main structure. A point is mentioned in this: relative to the main structure has a certain displacement capacity. As the maintenance member of the bearing in the hole of the main structure, the door and window cannot satisfy the ability of the relative main structure to have a certain displacement.

In the design of curtain wall, the whole frame is suspended on the outside of the main structure, and the realization of relative displacement can be ensured by designing structural measures such as expansion joints.