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The principle of high strength fireproof glass

  • source:enkong
  • Time:06/20/2018

The traditional glass tempering furnace made by glass bevelling machine suppliers mostly uses radiation heating technology. In the ordinary radiant furnace, the heat absorbed on the glass surface mainly comes from the heat radiation of the heating element, very little part comes from the convection heat transfer, which is the convection heat transfer produced by the relative motion between the glass and the hot air in the furnace. Therefore, the furnace is on the furnace. The heat transfer of the heater is relatively simple. The heat transfer of the heater to the surface of the glass is a great proportion, and the convection heat transfer caused by the relative motion between the glass and the hot air in the furnace is very limited. It can be ignored, so the heat transfer of the upper part of the furnace and the surface temperature of the heater and the surface of the glass are radiated. The rate is related. When the glass species is definite and the furnace temperature is constant, the design of heater and arrangement in furnace are the key to decide the effect of heat transfer and heating quality. The design concept of the heater is unique, and the unique surface arrangement is used, the heater is more subtoning, the temperature control is higher and the temperature uniformity is better, thus the heat transfer in the furnace is more effective and the heating quality is better. The surface of the processed toughened glass is no longer affected by the rolling and grinding of the rod, and it does not need to be polished, and the formwork of the plexiglass can be formed once. Therefore, the production cycle can be shortened and the cost is greatly reduced. At the same time, the smoothness and smoothness of the formwork of the organic glass are greatly improved. Through physical tempering and chemical tempering in horizontal tempering furnace at the same time. Chemical tempering is achieved by thermal spraying of a specific salt solution. The surface pressure stress of the product is not less than 140MPa, not more than 180MPa, and has superior fire protection function. It overcomes the poor weatherability of the fireproof glass, and it is easy to be yellowing and low intensity under ultraviolet radiation, and can not be used for the construction of exterior wall.


Environment-friendly fireproof glass makes cold treatment of ordinary selected floating glass; it sends cold processed float glass into a special tempering furnace for heating; the glass heated to softening temperature is sent to a special air row at a rate of 300 to 500mm per second; when glass enters the air discharge, high pressure air and high pressure fan are used. Through the air exhaust, the special wind nozzle immediately gives the glass surface high strength and homogeneous cold air to cool, and immediately carries on the high strength physical tempering, and instantly reaches the strength stress needed for the high strength fireproof glass, which solves the strength that the fire glass can't achieve in general, and makes the glass stress reach 190 ~ 210MP. Through the above steps, the tempering furnace makes the processing condition of the fireproof glass more convenient, fast and stable, and the fire resistance is more stable, reliable and environmental protection. The production equipment includes the upper plate, furnace body, cooling wind grid and lower stage piece, which is characterized by a baffle between the heating furnace and the cooling grid. The glass is sprayed with fire solution at normal temperature, and the glass after spraying is tempered. The glass will be sprayed by spraying the glass of the solution. After the natural temperature is placed at normal temperature, the glass is quickly heated in a tempering furnace at 680-725 degrees C and turned into cooling. The glass is repeated between the heating furnace and the cooling wind grid. The rolling of the roller shaft drives the circulation to make the heating and cooling temperature of the glass uniform. It has the characteristics of high heat resistance and light weight, high transmittance, no yellowing and no bubbles. It can also be used for making compound fireproof glass such as hollow fireproof glass.