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What are the types of glass edging machines?

  • source:enkong
  • Time:11/06/2018

Glass straight edge grinder (straight edge grinder, circular edge grinder, beveling edge grinder), a common glass edging machine, works by clamping glass through front and rear pressure plate and driving its linear movement for grinding. Here are some glass linear grinding machines for you.


Glass linear edge machine, also called glass straight line edging machine, is suitable for grinding straight edges and corners of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses. Rough and fine grinding and polishing are completed at one time. Independent wool polishing is carried out. The polished surface is close to the smoothness of glass matrix. When adjusting different thickness, chamfering can be done by referring to the digital display on the front beam. The head can move synchronously with the front beam. It has the advantages of advanced structure, high accuracy, convenient operation and continuous processing of the same thickness. It is a necessary tool for glass deep processing plant.

The glass linear forming edge grinding machine is a glass processing machine, and it is an improvement of glass edge grinding machine. It is characterized by the installation of forming grinding wheels on the grinding head device of the edge grinder to finish the grinding and polishing of glass at one time by forming grinding wheels, which reduces the number of grinding wheels at the grinding head, makes the whole machine compact and simple in structure, reduces in volume, adjusts the distance between the grinding head grinding wheels, and can be replaced by grinding wheels with different thickness and edge shapes, different glass.

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