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  • source:enkong
  • Time:10/08/2018

How to choose a glass double edger, glass grinding machine manufacturers give the advice as follows:

The cabinet (body) of glass grinding machine

-  the fixed and mobile cabinet housing must be made of high-quality steel, rather than using steel instead of regeneration, regeneration plate easily deformed and difficult process.

-  the thickness is not enough rigidity decreases, causing the boot device shaking, beating wheel, glass grinding precision and no proper brightness.

-  cannot reduce the amount of steel and material saving, customers in the purchase depend on whether the cabinet design uses a bending, twisting and lifting the anti-anti-deformation

The gearbox of glass edge polishing machine

-  the gear box must have a sufficient thickness. Because the timing belt pulleys mounted on the gear motor, there is not enough thickness, timing belt pulleys that working conditions in the long belt tension easily lead to deformation of the gear reduction, gear box of a deformed, it will lead to poor contact bevel gear; premature wear, will lead to premature bearing damage, so that the glass cutting equipment  does not work well, or even not work.

-  gearboxes, mostly bevel gear (bevel gear) transmission, the gear suffered force in three directions of force axial, radial and law. Some glass cutting machine manufacturers in order to save costs, with a deep groove ball bearing, which is extremely wrong. Because deep groove ball bearings can support radial forces, such as the use of such bearings can cause premature bearing wear, the gap increases, the gear is not smooth, noise increases so do not work. The right design is the use of a pair of tapered roller bearings so that it is a reasonable design.

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