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What are the main features of the tempered glass?

  • source:enkong
  • Time:06/14/2018


What are the main features of the tempered glass which made by the glass processing machines?

1) large mechanical strength: when the steel glass is subjected to the external force, such as pressure, bending or impact, the surface of the steel glass is subjected to pressure stress, and the other is Zhang Yingli. As the load increases, the tensile stress is gradually reduced by the original compressive stress on the surface of the toughened glass until it is completely cancelled before it becomes Zhang Yingli. As the tensile strength of the glass is almost 10 times larger than the tensile strength, the glass will not only enhance the surface after being tempered, but also make the weak link be transferred. Therefore, the compressive strength and flexural strength of tempered glass generally increase by 4~5 times, while the impact strength can be increased by 5~8 times.


2) good thermal stability: the improvement of thermal stability of tempered glass is related to the increase of mechanical strength and the size and distribution of internal stress. When the surface of the glass is heated rapidly, the inner layer is still in a cooling state, so the heating surface is in compressive stress while the inner layer is subjected to Zhang Yingli. When the temperature difference is too large and Zhang Yingli exceeds the tensile strength of glass, it causes glass burst. The original compressive stress of toughened glass surface can offset part of the thermal expansion and alleviate the inner layer of Zhang Yingli, so the thermal stability of tempered glass can be increased by 1.5~2 times.


3) safety: the rupture of glass is the result of more than tensile strength caused by crack defects. Although the weak point of the tempered glass (Zhang Yingli region) is in the center, there is usually no microcrack defect, but under the condition of high speed impact and internal stone, the fracture starting point will be formed in the tensile stress layer. The crack propagate rapidly and propagate to the four sides under the action of Zhang Yingli, forming a collection of many cracks and different sizes. Group. Because the toughened glass suddenly ruptures under the closed condition of compressive stress, the fragments are honeycomb particles and become uniform.


The mesh grains without sharp corners are not easy to hurt people, so they have better safety performance and belong to one kind of safety glass.