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What industries can grinding machines be used for

  • source:enkong
  • Time:11/14/2018

With the development of science and technology, our world becomes better and better. Some industries in China has become better and better than before, but few people know it.

Therefore, many people do their job in different place and they are from different industries. However, some people always work with some machine every day. By the way, I take grinding machines for example. Grinding machine can be used for different industries. Let me introduce it as follow:

As for different category, the industries vary. Here let’s introduce you some industries can be reached with Hermos. To be specific, some industries like the auto industry, the pumping industry, and mechanic industry. Many parts of those industries can be produced with the internal grinding machine.


Let’s have some cases for your information.

1. Micro compressor, which is an important part for the refrigeration system.  Machining parts like swash plate, slide block, stator, rotator, piston, cylinder, roller cover, and bearings can be produced through Hermos CNC surface grinding machine.

2. Pumps, like peddle pump, piston pump, hydraulic pump, and oil pump, many important parts for those above pumps can be produced through this grinder like pressboard, retainer plate, rotator, pump cover, stator, oil distribution casing, flat washer, slide plate, spacer, and located rings.

3. In the auto industry, most auto spare parts auto friction plate, auto end plate, auto copper pad, auto washer, auto valve, auto plate, brake plate, and auto pulley.

Those above are just some industries illustrated. There are many more areas can be reached with Hermos CNC surface grinding machine. We will keep searching as a manufacturer. We are also looking forward to your sharing knowledge and experience.

From what has been mentioned above, I can easily draw a conclusion that grinding machine can be used for some industries like the auto industry, pumping industry, and mechanic industry.