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Who can provide the best beveling machine

  • source:enkong
  • Time:12/07/2018

Before introduce the company that can provide the best beveling machine, you should know a little about glass bevel edge grinding machine.


Glass beveling edge grinding machine

The beveling machine is mainly used for processing the straight-line bevel and round-bottom edge of flat glass. The grinding head adopts Shanghai famous motor with high precision and low energy consumption. The main drive adopts stepless reducer adjustment and synchronous belt conveying. The rear chain plate adopts forged thick steel plate and undergoes special heat treatment. The front and rear rails are super wear-resistant.

The material and the strict processing technology are made to reduce the friction force with the pressure plate, which effectively enhances the service life of the chain plate and the lining, and can meet the use requirements for a long time even without lubrication. There are also various kinds of lifting beam beveling machines, including the front beam lifting and rear beam lifting. The previous beam lifted mainly, representing the manufacturers of Goode glass machinery, specializing in the production of lifting beam bevel machine, small pieces of glass through grinding.

XM351 glass straight-line beveling machine

XM351 is designed for grinding and polishing a bevel edge, with bottom round-edger of glass with different size and thickness. Rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing of bevel and grinding of bottom edge can be completed in one time.

Processing thickness, angle and remaining thickness appears on digital display.

The processing speed is adjustable with a step-less motor which offers a wide range of speed selection. Input and output conveyor adopt timing belt which can improve the transmission precision. The grinding wheels are indirectly connected to the motor by a belt to reduce vibration. This machine features high efficiency and precision, stable quality, easy operation and low wear. All motors use ABB brand.

This type of glass beveling machine features high efficiency and precision, stable quality, easy operation and low wear. Our glass straight line edging machine products order can be made according to customer’s request.

Guangdong ENKONG Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing, researching and manufacturing of glass machines. More than 20 years of professional research and developing production skills has brought us a series of glass deep-processing machinery to meet the different needs of customers, as a result we earned widespread praise and trust from all the customers.

ENKONG provides series of glass edging machines such as glass double edging machine/line, glass straight line edging machine, pencil (round) edging machine, glass beveling machine, glass miter machine.

As an innovator of glass machinery, ENKONG will continue to pursue further development from a higher perspective, to set an example to the industry and build up an everlasting brand!