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ZM10W Glass straight-line edging machine
ZM10W Glass straight-line edging machine 03

ZM10W Glass straight-line edging machine

Technical Data

  • Spindles: 10pcs
  • Processing glass thickness: 3-30mm
  • Angle of arris: 45°
  • Min.size of glass: 40mm×40mm
  • Processing speed: 0.5~5m/min
  • Dimension: 7820×1400×2850mm
  • Total power: 23.1 kw
  • Weight:4200 kg



ZM10W Glass straight-line edging machine 04

General description

1、ZM10W is suitable for processing straight-line edge & 45°arrises on glass.

2、Rough grindging, find grinding and polishing of the pencil edge can be finished at one time.

3、A special design of the in-feed section for controlling the grinding amount of glass without adjusting each spindle individually.

4、Indepent wool felt wheel and the cerium water recirculation system make the flat edge more shining.

5、 With ABB spindle motors and the conveyor system running on ball bearing units, this machine has a much stronger loading and delivering capacity, thus it is able to process mini piece and extremely thick piece with high precision and good water-proofing.

6、Input and output conveyors adopt timing belt which can improve the stability of transmission.

7、 Speed is adjusted by frequency inverter; PLC with pneumatic polishing.

ZM10W Glass straight-line edging machine 05

Operation Condition

Power supply: AC220V, 380V, 415V ±10%  3φ  50Hz/60Hz±2%

Environment: Temperature: 1~40℃

Wheels Disposal

6 spindles for the straight-line edge (adopt the independent wool felt wheel)

2 spindles for front and back arris each.

★ Products order can be made according to customer’s request. Our company reserves the right to renew and revise as well as cease the technology depending on design requirements.

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ZM10W Glass straight-line edging machine

ZM10W Glass straight-line edging machine